Sunday, 13 July 2008

Hands Off Our English Catholic Priest Bloggers!!!

Our Fathers chained in prisons dark,

Were still in heart and conscience free.

May they carry on in spite of dungeon, fire and sword!

( Before anyone gets upset, this post is by way of a little mild humour and is in no way intended to cast any nasturtiums on the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales.)

(BTW most new hymnals seem to omit the verse I quoted above, I wonder why?)


pattif said...

Apparently, Hound, 'they' think we aren't up for the bit about:
'How sweet would be their children's fate,
if they, like them, could die for thee.'

What I find equally annoying is the alteration of the next verse:
'Faith of our Fathers, Mary's prayers
shall win our country back to thee;
and through the truth that comes from God
England shall then indeed be free.'

Modern hymnals substitute 'our land' for 'England', presumably because a reminder of the sacrifice of the English martyrs is too in-yer-face for our ecumenical times.

Mac McLernon said...

Ummm... why would you want to smother their Lordships in flowers?

the hound said...

I was only playing around with the phrase "casting aspertions", I did not want anyone to think I was equating their good Lordships with the creatures being battled by the saints in the two paintings.

Pastor in Valle said...

or else they simply want to sell their hymnal in Scotland, Ireland and elsewhere.