Friday, 14 November 2008


A friend of mine is a member, ( non active) of the Chicken Liberation Movement. This has nothing to do with south American Jesuits but rather liberates chickens from battery farms and finds homes for them. I have just spent a whole afternoon chasing two cockerels round and round his garden so that they can be "re homed". They were liberated a few weeks ago and he took them on along with about a dozen female chickens. They were making so much noise that, even though he is well away from other houses, his neighbours threatened to get a petition together. Apparently the crowing started at about 5 each morning. Chickens are stupid and only just intelligent enough to escape your grasp again and again, and again. I should say that my helping to catch the cockerels was by way of payback for The Hound having killed one of his geese!

Now before any of you chicken lovers gets upset I should say that I am very concerned for animal welfare and appalled at what we do to God's creatures in the name of cheap food. I like eating chicken but will only buy proper free range birds. It is therefor an occasional treat rather than a staple. I buy a whole bird and joint it myself, ( this takes 5mins) and this will do for several days and the bits and bobs make divine stock. It's the only way to go where chickens are concerned.

Cartoons via Fr. Z.

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