Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Oliver Update.

Sir Oliver Badcat put us all in a spin on Christmas Eve. I had some people in for a glass of something sparking in the mid afternoon and just as they were getting ready to go Oliver came down the stairs looking very sorry for himself, his head on one side, ear pealed back and making an appalling high pitched screaming noise. He was very obviously in a lot of pain. There was a really disgusting brown gunge coming from his ear. He looked me straight in the eyes pleadingly as if to say " Please do something".

It could not have been at a worse moment. Anyway after some ridiculous trouble with a wire free phone whose battery was flat, and a mobile with no signal, I got hold of a very kindly vet who is a member of our congregation and he arranged for Oliver to be seen even though it was now 4pm on Christmas Eve.

It turns out that Oliver had been fighting! Another cat got his claw quite deep into his ear and pierced the flesh deeply and embedded something nasty under the skin which then festered.

Anyway Badcat's now on antibiotics and painkillers. After a few days of mooching around and sleeping a lot he is getting back on form again. He went mousing last evening and the temperature was minus 4.5! He's sitting on my lap as I type and probably getting ready for his usual trick of walking along the keyboard, deleting everything I've written.


Mulier Fortis said...

Ugh. It's horrible when cats (or dogs) are ill... they can't tell you where it hurts, they just look miserable and yowl.

Glad to hear Sir Badcat is on the mend. How many fingers did you lose in feeding him the antibiotics?

the hound said...

Greetings, No fingers lost. The vet gave hime an injection of antibiotics which last a full two weeks, ( he said it was a new thing), and Oliver did not even feel it and the painkiller is in the form of powder which you mix with his food. The vet was so gentle and kind that Oliver was not stressed and actually spent some time exploring the consulting room. I've seen it before: some vets just have a knack of putting animals at ease even when they are in pain.