Friday, 19 September 2008

Badcat's back!

Sir Oliver has been missing for two days and I've been a bit worried. It's not unusual for him to go AWOL, especially as the bad weather had been cramping his style a bit. But I do live very near a busy main A road so I was concerned, especially when a neighbour brought round Oliver's new collar and name tag which he found in the road.

But all is well, Oliver arrived early this morning and has been sleeping in "his" chair since then. ( All the chairs in the house are actually his and he occupies them in rotation.)
Oh, and he was not at all happy to see his collar again.


Mac McLernon said...

You didn't tell us that Badcat was missing... that was most remiss of you - Badcat's status is of utmost importance!!

the hound said...

That's SIR Oliver, if you don't mind! He was actually asleep in that position BTW. Regards to Sylvester.