Tuesday, 2 September 2008

The Ennobling of Oliver.

I have grown tired of the endless procession of delectable presents being offered by darling Oliver, especially since he brought in a pet white mouse. So he now has a collar with a little bell on it and as you see he is rather disdainful of the whole thing.
To make him feel a bit better about it I also bought him a new name tag; it reads "Sir Oliver Badcat". (" His Eminence Oliver Badcat" would not fit.)


Mac McLernon said...

Ha ! But has he actually tried to teach you how to catch mice?

(Sylvester brought one in for me, and patiently kept trying to show me what to do...)

Sharon said...

If he is a really bad cat you might want to get another bell and attach it to the collar some distance from the first bell. Cats have been known to wedge the single bell under their chin!

the hound said...

He has actually perfected a way of walking with his neck held out which means the bell is silent. He does not do this all the time only while he is hunting.