Friday, 29 August 2008

Other Dates for your Diary.......

Sunday 31 August, 6.00pm., at St. George, Warminster, Wiltshire, High Mass.

Saturday 13th. September, 12.00pm., Our Lady, Magdalen St., Glastonbury, Sung Mass.

Sunday 14th. September, 11.30 am., St. Joseph, Fishponds, Bristol, Sung Mass.

Sunday 14th. September, 10.00am., Our Lady and St. Michael, Abergavenny, High Mass.

Sunday 28th. September, 11.30am., St Francis Xavier, Broad St., Hereford, High Mass.

Sunday 28th. September, 6.00pm., Milton House, Milton, nr. Albingdon, Oxfordshire, Sung Mass.
Saturday 4th. October, 10.30am., St. Peter, St. Peter Street, Cardiff, High Mass.

Sunday 5th October, 3.00pm., St. Mary, Harvington Hall, Warickshire, Sung Mass.

Saturday 25th. October, Blackfrairs, St. Giles, Oxford, 11.00am., High Mass, as part of the L.M.S. Pilgrimage. Also 2pm: Procession and unveiling of Martyrs' Plaque and, 3.30pm.: Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

Sunday 2nd., November, 3.00pm., St. Mary, Harvington Hall, Warickshire, Sung Mass.

Monday 17th. November, 7.00pm., Sung Requiem for Cardinal Pole, Magdalen College Chapel, Oxford.

All of these Masses are in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

There is also a First Friday Mass at SS. Gregory & Augustine, Woodstock Road., Oxford at 6.00pm., which is usually sung. Also there a great many Low Masses throughout the region, details of which may be found on the Latin Mass Society website. It is good to note that so many of these Masses are now at reasonable times and intergrated into the life of the parish much more than before Summorum Pontificum.


Jane said...

"Three Cheers for the Paraclet" and three for the LMS!

Jane said...

Mea maxima culpa PARACLETE

the hound said...

Don't worry; when I was a child I used to say "parakeet".

Jane said...

And I said,'forever endeavour Amen.' I must have been ten before I realised the mistake because of someone's superior enunciation. It still amazes me that I knew the word 'endeavour' and its meaning, at that early age! But I suppose the mistake meant something to me. Still does.

Respects to the Bassett.- and Bernard S.J.

Anonymous said...

Low Mass in the EF will be offered at 11.15am on Saturday 6th September at St Gregory's Church, Cheltenham. The bulletin for the town's three parishes says: "Its popularity had been much underestimated ... It is a great opportunity for all to experience the richness of the liturgy of the Church".