Wednesday, 27 August 2008

A date for your diary.

On November 17th at 7.00p.m. a sung Requiem Mass in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite will be offered in the chapel of Magdalen College, Oxford, for the repose of the soul of Cardinal Reginald Pole, the last Roman Catholic Archbishop Of Canterbury and father of the Council of Trent.

The celebrant will be Fr. John Osman and the preacher will be Fr. Aidan Nichols O.P.


Kirk said...

Wow! Being somewhat of a 'fan' (if that is the right word) of Cardinal Pole, I would love to attend that but alas, living in Germany I can but be there in spirit.

Are you going to attend?

By the way, I like your blog and linked to it on my own humble effort!

the hound said...

Thank you for the kind comments. I will most definitely be attending, God willing. Yes I find Cardinal Pole a fascinating character. What would have happened if, as was once though likely, he had become Pope???

Kirk said...

Indeed, or conversely, if he had been married off to the Princess Mary as was mooted at one time . . .?

the hound said...

Indeed, Indeed....It's probably arguable that he had more right to the throne than Henry VIII.

Kirk said...

Well, that could be said to be debatable - depending upon your Lancastrian or Yorkist affiliations - but he certainly an equal right. And with King Reginald we would have had none of that ego-centric carry on!