Sunday, 17 August 2008

Warning: includes A Shocking Picture of Immature Faith.

I had to bite my tongue this morning when our parish priest announced that he was organising a course for people who are still stuck in the faith which they learned about at school many years ago, " who never developed a more mature, adult faith, the faith of Vatican II".


Alban said...

If it's on at 1130 next Saturday morning, you can always tell him that you will be busy attending the Extraordinary Form Mass at St Gregory's in Cheltenham!

the hound said...

Alban, you surely are a font of information. A man with his finger on the pulse. Can you let me have any more information? Is it a sung Mass, and if so do you know which Mass setting?

Alban said...

It will be a Low Mass, as the priest saying it only "graduated" from Merton a few weeks ago.