Friday, 13 June 2008

More Wildlife!

About half an hour ago a hedgehog walked in my front door off the street and spend some time wandering around my sitting room. With all those sharp spines I think Oliver Badcat might have met his match. I can't imagine where it came from as I live in the centre of a large village, ten yards off a very busy A road.

You might be thinking of Mrs Tiggywinkles:

But Oliver is thinking of this:

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Roses and Jessamine said...

Am feeling hedgehog-empathy in the light of Oliver's indiscriminate appetite, in the same way that I always identified more with Jerry than with Tom, and Tweety Pie more than Sylvester. May I recommend:
(a) planting cunning decoys around the house/garden - see pic
(b) overfeeding Oliver until obese so that he doesn't get peckish
(c) constructing a complicated hedgehog-protective tunnel through your house which will lead out to the safety of someone else's garden (this in your idle moments).
God bless.