Tuesday, 10 June 2008


Fortis has given me six of the best for my neglect of things feline. Not alone do I possess The Hound of Heaven but I also share my life with BADCAT.

Oliver is a 3yr old ginger and white, long haired, Tom Cat, ( neutered). He is so naughty that I can not even bring myself to think about what he might have gotten up to had he not been " fixed". His antics have gotten him the nickname Badcat among my neighbours and indeed an artistic lady made him a special Christmas card showing him eating a stolen fish while sitting in my dog's belly. I have in the past received phone calls at unearthly hours of the morning from elderly ladies several streets away to say that he has crept in their open windows and is running all over the house. Another neighbour awoke in the middle of the night to find him sitting on her chest as she lay in her bed. She threw him out her upstairs window!!! but not before he managed to bite and scratch her. Two other neighbouring cats are apparently too afraid to venture out of doors for fear of meeting him. I will say nothing of his dining upon blackbirds, blue tits and green finches.

He is of course a perfect angel at home.

Dear Mulier Fortis can you now see why I might have neglected to mention him.


Kasia said...

Came here via Mulier Fortis, and must say that based on your description, Oliver is an utterly bloggable character. I think there should be an entire blog devoted to his exploits. ;-)

(And re: your neighbors' open windows...do you Brits not use screens?!?)

the hound said...

Sweat Darling Oliver has even managed to get in skylights/Velux windows and frequently pops in my second floor bedroom window, sometimes bearing a gift of a mouse.

Mac McLernon said...

I agree totally with Kasia. Oliver looks absolutely adorable... butter wouldn't melt, and all that.

Far from decrying his exploits, you should be defending him to the hilt... it's all those other people's fault.

Mac McLernon said...

Heheheheh... I see from the blog post link that you originally started off "mulier fortis has slapped me briskly on...." and then thought better of it!

Consider your knuckles duly rapped !