Wednesday, 18 June 2008


The Latin Mass Society of England and Wales now has the texts of both the Cardinal's Homily at Mass and his address to the LMS AGM beforehand, along with two press

The name of this society reminds me a little of one of my most heart stopping moments. I came home from college to my rented flat, about 20yrs ago, probably after sharing a drink or two with fellow students. I flicked on the television to the BBC. A solemn announcer said, "There follows an important NEWSFLASH", and the scene cut to an even more solemn newsreader behind a desk. He said, "I regret to inform you that following the breakdown of secret negotiations this evening full scale hostilities have broken out between the USSR and the USA and her Allies. We have confirmed reports the a large number of nuclear missiles have been launched from Russia. The Department of Defence estimate the time to impact at approximately 12 mins. This does not of course apply to viewers in Wales and the West Country who will have Coronation Street followed by the News.

Cue jaunty music.......

I collapsed in a gibbering mass and watched the rest of the sketch show.

I am a tremendous fan of the LMS and won't have a word said against it but in this realm we never seem to have societies who cover England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland; I just wonder if we might have a little more " clout" that way.


PeterHWright said...

But the LMS (I mean the London Midland and Scottish Railway,) in its day (from 1923 - 1948) covered England from London Euston to Carlisle, North Wales (to Holyhead) and a very large chunk of Scotland and the Scottish highlands. Not forgetting Northern Ireland (which was controlled by the Northern Counties Committee of the LMS).

So there you are !

the hound said...

I remember an elderly friend of my mother who had rather a black view of things saying, "In the 1960's not only did they take the Mass from us they took the railways as well".

PeterHWright said...

I couldn't agree more about the 1960s. These were also the years the town planners started to demolish buildings all over the place. Something good must have happened in the 1960s, but, off hand, I can't think of anything !

the hound said...

My parents married in 1962, but it was during the Cuban Missile Crisis. They discussed calling the wedding off, or postponing it, but decided they would rather be blown asunder as man and wife.

I had a rather confused converstaion with a lady after Mass about a year ago, we got to talking and she asked me my view on "Tridentine Missals". Naturally I said I was all in favour. It turned out she was referring to the renewal of the Trident Missiles.

PeterHWright said...

I'm not surprised ! Years ago, when I first read the phrase "le missel tridentin", I thought it was French for "Trident missile"